狂揽全球50亿美金,《速度与激情》这次居然玩徒手拽飞机 Weekend Movies

  On Wednesday night, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw was previewed for journalists in Beijing. I arrived there around 15 minutes early. Given my previous experiences, that should've been enough time.



  But unfortunately I was disappointed to find that there were only seats in the first row. The rest of the hall was filled with viewers.


  It seems that all of us are really looking forward to a blockbuster that can get the adrenaline pumping, as this somewhat lackluster summer has so far only had one big hit, Ne Zha.



  The upcoming film —?which will be released on the Chinese mainland on Aug 23 and marks the ninth film of the franchise —?is not Furious 9, but a spinoff. Fast & Furious 9 is scheduled to open in 2020.

  严格来说,这部即将于8月23日上映的“速激”系列的第9部影片,并不算“速9”,因为它是一部番外篇(spin-off)。真正的“速9”(Fast & Furious 9)将于2020年上映。

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  Since its inception in 2001, the Fast & Furious franchise has become a global juggernaut, with its eight movies grossing $5 billion worldwide. When Furious 7 was released in 2015, it became the first ever movie to earn more than 2 billion yuan on the Chinese mainland. Two years later, Furious 8 raked in 2.69 billion yuan.

  从2001年至今,“速激”系列已经有8部电影,在全球狂揽50亿美元。其中,《速7》于2015 年上映时,成为内地影史上首部票房超20亿的大片。时隔两年之后,《速8》上映,又斩获26.9亿。

  The successful formula for the Fast & Furious franchise —?tough guys with big muscles, crazy car chases, and anti-gravity action sequences —?has been maintained and updated in the new film.


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  It's not a complicated story. Even those who haven't watched the previous eight movies can easily understand the storyline.


  Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham reprise their roles as Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, the one-time rivals who team up to rescue humankind and a woman they both care for. The two characters nevertheless quarrel all the while, injecting comedy into the film.


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  English actress Vanessa Kirby stars as Hattie, an MI6 agent. Her action sequences are impressive —?true visual feasts. The star has been familiar to Chinese audiences for playing White Widow in Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible —?Fallout.


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  Chinese screens in recent years have been dominated by TV series featuring strong, independent female leads. In Hollywood, feminism is also having a moment on the big screen. From DC film Wonder Woman to Captain Marvel from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we've seen the universe saved by female superheroes. The strong female protagonist in the new Furious film seems to follow this trend.


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  The most powerful roles are still however the bald, muscular characters played by Johnson and Statham. You can feel the testosterone flow from the screen. And after all these years of the Fast & Furious, the action scenes are still amazing.


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  A tiny spoiler: the last fight takes place on a lush, beautiful island in Samoa. Johnson's character's fighting power is just out of control. With his bare hands clenching an iron chain, he even holds a helicopter flying in mid-air.


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  For that moment alone, I feel that the new Furious film is a bona fide superhero story. In this summer lacking actions blockbusters, Hobbs & Shaw will have you on the edge of your seat.




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